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Rob Riggle’s Rules of the Road

*My Q&A with Rob Riggle originally appeared in Men’s Journal

Rob Riggle gets around. You may remember him as the strong-arming breaking news correspondent on The Daily Show. Maybe you’ve seen him as Phil Dunphy’s affable real estate rival on Modern Family. NFL fans will surly recognize Riggle from FOX Sport’s parody videos, most notably impersonating Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo in Hamilton last year. 

Riggle isn’t slowing down anytime soon. With five new films slated to release next year, Riggle is a man on the move. “I’m on the road a ton for work,” he told us recently. “I would say it’s a 90 percent work travel and 10 percent pleasure travel.” Like many actor-comedians in his line of work, travel is part of the gig. And he travels a lot (enough, perhaps, to earn his title as brand ambassador for Holiday Inn Express). We caught up with the wayfaring actor to tap him for some rules of the road. 

1. Fun Trumps Sweat

I’m a get out and do. If possible, sometimes I work myself until I’m just paper thin, and then I need to sit by the pool but I can only do that for a day or two, tops and then I’m like I gotta go. If I can sweat during the day, I try and then if I can have fun, fun trumps sweat. So if you said ‘you can go for a trail run or you can play golf,’ I’d play golf, but if I can do both, I’ll do both.

2. Land, then Run

Running is a great way to get to know the city/neighborhood as well as get your exercise in. I’m getting ready to do the Malibu Triathlon for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and I’m not ready. And it’s in September so actually while I’m here I’m going to do some swimming and then I’m going for a run tomorrow morning and then I’m going to feel like I didn’t waste time.

3. Eat Meat

Riggle’s go-tos on the road: Hardee’s soups and chili, and any variety of steak house.MORE: How Anthony Bourdain Dives into a City

4. Find Your Happy Place 

Mine is a lake in the Ozarks in Missouri. I love it, I’ve been going there since I was five. It’s beautiful. But I have an affinity because I grew up there, and every summer of my life I’ve gone there. So I have a connection with the lake in the Ozarks. 

5. Drive When You Can 

I prefer road trips. Great bonding time. My tip would be don’t over-plan a trip. Allow time for an easy, relax pace. It’s better for everyone.

6. Get Weird With It

Playing games! Road games, “What if?” scenarios, also, random stops at funky, weird places usually creates a good story or two.

7. Don’t Skip the Essentials

Always pack toiletries, an iPad, iPhone, a good book, and some workout clothes that may or may not get used.

8. Don’t Give in to Jet Lag

I just stay up and try to get on the local clock. No naps!

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Everything You Need to Know About Traveling to Antarctica!

Even for the savviest of travelers, the journey to Antarctica is anything but easy. Best case scenario you’re talking multiple flights and then there’s the infamous Drake Passage. But once you’re there, electric blue icebergs piercing through cobalt colored water, and an entire continent dotted with hundreds of thousands of waddling penguins awaits you.

It’s a bucket list destination like none other and has become one of the most popular travel destinations of late. However unlike other destinations, traveling to Antarctica takes a fair amount of research and  planning. From nitty gritty details like what to pack to understanding the different types of operators to choose from ie expedition ships versus luxury ships and research ships, I’m breaking down everything you need to know from what to pack to how to pick the best cruise for you.