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Where to Eat, Drink & Stay in Reyjkavik

Canopy by Hilton
Centrally located on Hverfisgata Street in the heart of downtown Reyjkavik, Canopy by Hilton opened last year and is Icelands answer to boutique modern luxury. Surrounded by iconic attractions including Laugavegur, a street known for its shopping, eateries, and pubs, Harpa Concert Hall and Convention Center, as well as Old Reykjavik Harbor, which offers incredible views of Mount Esja and the landmark Hallgrimskirkja church, complimentary artisanal breakfast buffet, complimentary tastings of local beverages and canapés and bicycles for exploring the city are available.


Baejarins Bezty Pylsur
Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Bill Clinton and Madonna has tried the Baejarins Bezty Pylsur famous hot dogs. Be sure to order “the works” or “eina með öllu” in Icelandic which comes with a sweet yellow mustard, raw and fried onions, and a brownish mayonnaise-based remoulade with sweet relish.

Café Loki
Located directly across from Hallgrímskirkja Church, Café Loki is a perennially popular spot mongst locals and tourists alike. It’s also one of the best places to try some of Iceland’s delicacies including hákarl, fermented shark fin that’s as local as it is pungent, rye bread served with chunks of hand churned butter and meat soup.

Tapas Barinn
Smoked puffin with blueberry ‘brennivin’ sauce, langoustine in garlic sauce and minke whale, are just a few of specialties on offer at Tapas Barinn. It’s a casual affair here with some of the best eats in town. Whatever you do, don’t miss trying the succulent Icelandic lamb, some of the best in town.

Best Bars

A perennial favorite in Reykjavik, Kaffibarrin is most recognizable by its London underground logo. As quaint and cozy as it is casual, this candlit local is a popular spot to try a pint of beer and enjoy a slice of Reykjavik nightlife.

Micro Bar
Craft beer is having a major moment in Reykjavik right now and Micro Bar has some of the best local brews in town.