Rob Riggle’s Rules of the Road

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*My Q&A with Rob Riggle originally appeared in Men’s Journal Rob Riggle gets around. You may remember him as the strong-arming breaking news correspondent on The Daily Show. Maybe you’ve seen him as Phil Dunphy’s affable real estate rival on Modern Family. NFL fans will surly recognize Riggle from FOX Sport’s parody videos, most notably impersonating Patriots…

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Everything You Need to Know About Traveling to Antarctica!

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Even for the savviest of travelers, the journey to Antarctica is anything but easy. Best case scenario you’re talking multiple flights and then there’s the infamous Drake Passage. But once you’re there, electric blue icebergs piercing through cobalt colored water, and an entire continent dotted with hundreds of thousands of waddling penguins awaits you. It’s a bucket list destination…

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Destination Dubai

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It’s just after midnight in Dubai, U.A.E., and my driver, a young Emirati named Omar, just made a sharp right turn off the highway. “Shortcut,” Omar tells me. We’re driving north from Dubai International Airport to the seaside emirate Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) and all I can see out the passenger side window, save for…

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Where to Eat, Drink & Stay in Reyjkavik

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Canopy by Hilton Centrally located on Hverfisgata Street in the heart of downtown Reyjkavik, Canopy by Hilton opened last year and is Icelands answer to boutique modern luxury. Surrounded by iconic attractions including Laugavegur, a street known for its shopping, eateries, and pubs, Harpa Concert Hall and Convention Center, as well as Old Reykjavik Harbor,…

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48 Perfect Hours in Iceland

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If it seems like everyone and their mom has been to Iceland these days, that’s because they have. And for good reason. From the country’s picture-perfect landscapes, ethereal lava fields and geothermal natural hot springs, roadside waterfalls and gushing geysers, Iceland is well deserving of its proverbial ‘hotspot’ title. Even Hollywood royalty has even cashed…

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Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv is a city very much in transition. A mosaic of cultures, religions and influences, for a city of around 450,000 people according to a 2015 poll, this modern Middle Eastern metropolis is as varied and diverse today as the buildings and architecture that have preceded it. But I didn’t really know all of…

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Talking Travel With Samantha Brown

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Over her tenure as TV’s most loveable travel show host, whether she’s dressing up head to toe in geisha attire to attend a traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto or donning bright yellow waders to harvest oysters for lunch in Galway Bay, nobody knows how to embrace the spirit of travel quite like Samantha Brown. After…

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